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Drinking Wine

Real Reviews

“I am here to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised! It's not not mediocre. It's not just drinkable. It's actually good!”

- Kate Bayless at MomTrends


“Light red, good for the summer. Nice price point.”
Jenna C. on Vivino


“Easy to drink! Dry and low tannins”
Rachel Z. on Vivino


“Hints of ‘mocha and black cherry’ highlight this Cabernet Sauvignon. An EXTREMELY enjoyable wine!!”

- Jimmy on Vivino

“It’s bright on first contact with a rich bevy of fruits and a tingly sprinkle of cinnamon and allspice. Pleasant all-around.”
Becca G. on Vivino

“Easy drinking, big fruit mass produced Cabernet Sauvignon. Black fruit, smooth tannins, and little licorice spice permeate the wine.”
- User on Vivino

“It's smooth and drinkable with a lot of body. Will definitely try it again.”
- User on Vivino

“Notes of oak, tobacco, and crushed berries. Light fruit...cherry? Smooth and light berries flow into a smoked pepper finish. Medium dry. Solid.”
Caitlin L. on Vivino

“Really surprising! Purple and plum in color. Smoke and tobacco on the nose. Notes of black cherry, mocha, vanilla, smoke. Enjoyed with steak, scallops, and cheesy cauliflower rice.”
Megan P. on Vivino

“Hints of "mocha and black cherry" highlight this Cabernet Sauvignon. An EXTREMELY enjoyable wine!!”
- Jimmy on Vivino

“Nose is Vanilla, Tobacco and Oak - jammy. The pallet is fruit forward - Black Cherry and “plummy” (yes that’s what I said) Overall a nice budget wine from TJ’s.”
Chris R. on Vivino

“Dry decent wine - good for value at TJs”
Ryan L. on Vivino

“Medium dry, oaky with tobacco notes but not overpowering. Great every day kinda wine.”
- User on Vivino

"From Trader Joe’s and a Great taste and price point!!!!! Def will have again.”
- User on Vivino

“Always consistently tasty. Smooth”

- Lady Di on Google

“You can really taste the earthy flavour in the reds.”

- Evan Wang on Google

“5 stars. Great affordable wine.”

- Natasha R. on Facebook

“Exceptional wine…”
- Osvaldo P. on Facebook


“The Thomas Allen Cabernet Sauvignon is a very good value, everyday wine. I'll definitely keep it in my wine rack.”
- Gene F. on Facebook

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